PREFIX                                   DESCRIPTION

A                                 Retired railroad worker (Annuitant)

H                                 Retired worker on a pension

JA                                Survivor “Joint Annuitant”: an employee who is receiving a reduced annuity in order to guarantee payment to his widow.

MA                              Spouse of Annuitant

MH                              Spouse of Pensioner

PA                               Parent of deceased Annuitant

PD                               Parent of deceased Employee

PH                               Parent of deceased Pensioner

WA                             Widow or widower (of an Annuitant) who is 60 or over

WCA                           Widow with a child in her care or a child alone.

WD                             Widow or widower (of an employee) who is 60 or over

WCD                           Widow (of an employee) with a child in her care or a child alone.

WH                             Widow or widower of a pensioner

WCH                           Widow (of a pensioner) with a child in her care or a child alone.


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