musculoskeletal therapeutic injection CPT 20550 , 20551,20552

The musculoskeletal therapeutic injection codes 20550 through 20553 have been revised to read as follows:

  • 20550, Injection(s); tendon sheath, ligament;
  • 20551, Tendon origin/insertion;
  • 20552, Single or multiple trigger point(s), one or two muscle(s);
  • 20553, Single or multiple trigger point(s), three or more muscle(s).
What are the practical implications of these changes? You should report 20552 and 20553 only once per session, regardless of the number of injections or muscles involved. You should also report 20550 and 20551 only once per tendon sheath, ligament, or tendon origin/insertion, regardless of the number of injections involved. Also note that the words "ganglion cyst" have been removed from 20550, as well as from 20600 and 20605. This is because CPT 2003 includes a new code, 20612, for "Aspiration and/or injection of ganglion cyst(s) any location."

Colposcopy coding has also changed. In the past, there were only three codes for pelvic endoscopy: 57452, 57454 and 57460. Although these codes were listed under the vagina section of CPT, they were typically used for colposcopy involving the cervix. Accordingly, for 2003, these codes have been revised and moved to the cervix uteri section of CPT, and two new codes, 57420 and 57421, have been added to the vagina section. Two new codes for colposcopy of the vulva, 56820 and 56821, have also been added, along with three new codes for procedures done in conjunction with colposcopy of the cervix uteri. A review of all three sections of CPT may be in order if you do colposcopy in your practice.

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