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Cigna Health care (Medicare HMO)

Cigna Healthcare offers you customized Healthcare plans that are perfectly molded to the specific needs of your company, whilst at the same time allowing the flexibility that is needed in this constantly changing industry. Cigna Healthcare provides a wide variety of healthcare options ranging from HMO plans and flex care plans, to open access plans, indemnity plans and preferred provider plans. A few examples of these plans follow below:

PPO Plus ( Preferred Provider Plan )

Key Features:

    * Access to a wide range of physicians, specialists and hospitals across the company, all providing quality care and service.
    * 450,000 available physicians to choose from.
    * Nationwide emergency care coverage. (24-hour service)
    * Customized cost-sharing options readily available - copayments, deductibles and coinsurance.


    * No primary care physicians required.
    * Simple "away-from-home" care, through a toll free number, offering nearby participating physicians.
    * 24-hour health information line offering all the answers to your health insurance related queries.
    * A large network of quality physicians across the country.

Indemnity Basic and Extensive Medical Coverage ( Indemnity Plan )

Key Features:

    * Unlimited choice of providers for members.
    * Hospital Savings Program offers discounts for hospitalization.
    * Lifesource Transplant service for transplant services that are specialized.
    * Discounts towards health products and services made available through Healthy Rewards program.


    * Available services in all 50 states.
    * Can be grouped with numerous other options to allow for a "complete benefits program."

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