Electronic Funds Transfer - enrollment process

Electronic Funds Transfer allows the transfer of Medicare payments directly from Medicare to a provider’s bank account.

Enrollment Overview
The following is a high level overview of the EFT Enrollment Process:
  • EFT applications are received,  prepped and imaged
  • The applications are entered into our DME EFT Database, analyzed/verified for accuracy
  • A valid application is then entered in the VMS system for pre-note testing.
  • Once the testing is completed (typically a 2 week process) the file goes into production mode.
  • For those applications that failed the pre-note testing, a validation process is initiated including contact with the supplier to either verify or correct.
  • Incomplete applications are entered in the DME EFT Data Base and a letter is sent to the supplier requesting the missing information.
  • The normal processing time for a completely valid EFT application is 30 days.
  • Incomplete/incorrect applications will take longer than 30 days to finalize, based on how quickly the missing information is provided and processed.
Should you have a question about the status of your EFT enrollment application, please call 866-563-0049.

Enrollment Information
In order to receive claims payments electronically, enroll in EFT by following the instructions below:
IMPORTANT NOTE: To minimize unnecessary delays in the processing of your application, please include both your NPI and your Legacy (NSC) number in the appropriate fields.
  1. Complete the authorization agreement by clicking on the link: http://cms.gov/cmsforms/downloads/CMS588.pdf External Link Graphic Adobe Image and downloading a copy of the Form.
  2. Attach a blank voided check or bank letter signed by the bank officer to the signed EFT agreement.
  3. Retain one copy for your files.
  4. Mail the signed authorization agreement, along with the voided check to:
    EDI/EFT DME Enrollments Forms
    PO Box 9185
    Hingham, MA 02043-9185

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