Acupuncture CPT CODES 97810, 97813, 97814

Acupuncture: A chiropractic provider may not provide acupuncture services until certified by the Florida Board of Chiropractic Medicine. Acupuncture is reported based on 15 minute increments of personal (face-to-face) contact with the patient, not the duration of acupuncture needle(s) placement. If no electrical stimulation is used during a 15 minute increment, use 97810 or 97811. If electrical stimulation of any needle is used during a 15 minute increment, use 97813 or 97814. Only one code may be reported for each 15 minute increment. Use either 97810 or 97813 for the initial 15 minute increment. Only one initial code is reported per day.
The FEP does not include benefits for acupuncture when performed by a chiropractor.

Covered Services for Medicare Advantage Members:

According to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Internet-only manual, Publication 100-02 Medicare Benefit Policy Manual, chapter 15, section 30.5, chiropractors’ services extend only to treatment by means of manual manipulation of the spine to correct a subluxation. All other services furnished or ordered by chiropractors are not covered. Chiropractors are not limited to any specific procedures and may render services as they feel necessary, but according to CMS guidelines; the benefit will only cover manual spinal manipulation, which includes procedure codes: 98940, 98941, and 98942.

The following procedure code ranges will deny for chiropractors as non-covered services:

• 00100 through 98929

• 98943 through 99607

• A0021 through V5364

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